Brake Pads

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For passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

Exceeding Expectations

With the European vehicle parc ever diversifying the relationship between friction material and its application is ever important. Within the Celect passenger car brake disc pad range you will find three very specific materials where many other brands will offer only one.

Our formulations cover European, Japanese / Asian and light commercial vehicle applications, each developed to suit the given performance requirement. Each formulation is designed for low noise, dust and importantly low disc wear. Independent tests have shown that the Celect group of friction materials contribute significantly less disc wear than that of some of the leading brands within the European marketplace. This of course results in a potential lengthened service life and cost reduction.

The pad itself is produced using only OE positive moulding with our full manufacturing process and site approved by many vehicle and systems manufactures. All pads are fitted with the RSR (Rubber Steel Rubber) shims, slotted and chamfered in line with the vehicles specific OE requirement.

A key focus behind the Celect range is to supply our customers with what is needed to get the job done the first time. Our range offers a full accessory kit within the box including wear sensors (where applicable), caliper bolts, abutment clips, rubber caps and all that is in between. We believe that offering an affordable and profitable product doesn’t mean you need to lower the specification of what the end user essentially requires for fitment, performance and ultimately safety.

With ECE R90 now taken as a given throughout Europe a lot of brands feel this is enough to ensure their product is acceptable. We go above and beyond this with every single batch manufactured being dynamometer tested on one of eight in house dynos, with sheer, compressibility and friction tests also being carried out.

Standard Features include:

  • RSR shims
  • OE manufacturing process
  • Part by part specific engineering
  • Full accessory kits
  • Applications specific materials
  • Over 1,500 R90 homologated references

Application specific materials

We truly believe the varied vehicles on the roads throughout Europe need to be treated independently to ensure comfort of use and excellent performance.

6132 (J)

Low metallic, low dust friction formulation designed for European-marque passenger car applications.

6308 (F)

Ceramic based friction formulation designed for use in SUV and Asian-marque passenger car applications.

265 (D)

Our flagship ceramic based friction formulation designed for use in higher demand passenger car, SUV and light commercial vehicle applications.

For more information on our friction materials please contact our Customer Support team –

Technical information

All three of the Celect friction materials conform with European legislation and standards. This of course includes ECE R90 approval which means our products are independently tested and homologated to ensure they perform within the required parameters of the original equipment.

Sales information

To become an approved distributor of the Celect range of products please contact our Sales Team to discuss the opportunities available.

We offer our customers a wide range of support programmes from range launch and development to bespoke marketing and cataloguing.