About Us

Celect Braking is a brand built on a foundation of over 45 years experience within the automotive industry covering not only passenger car, but also commercial vehicle, off-highway and two-wheeler. Our ideology is to supply the marketplace with not only an exceptional product but the services that go along with it.

Our employees are treated as partners within the business which enables the longevity of our highly skilled team of experts. We pride ourselves on the relationships built between our customers and suppliers and managing this on an individual basis.

This can be in many forms:

  • Technical / engineering support throughout Europe
  • Logistics, warehousing and safely stock options
  • Cataloguing and data cooperation
  • Supply chain and sourcing assistance
  • Product and range development
  • Training and educating seminars

A vital part of Celect Braking is the engineering that goes on behind the scenes. Our central engineering hub is based in the UK where all inspections, drawings, formulations and developments are controlled. In addition to this we have accomplished, skilled staff throughout Europe, North America, Australasia and the Far East maintaining the high standard we believe in.


Our key philosophy is to operate a non-competitive business model to ensure that our customers enjoy substantial market protection.

We strive to work with businesses that feel as passionate about our products as we are.

In turn we offer geographical exclusivity agreements ensuring that if you are appointed our distribution partner within that region you will not find someone else promoting the Celect brand of products.

To become an approved distributor of the Celect range of products please contact our Sales Team to discuss the opportunities available.